• Cindy Crick

New camera rules in Greenville

I was interviewed this week by WSPA about improvements the City of Greenville is making to its police department’s use of body worn cameras. The recommendation was presented by the Citizen Advisory Panel on Public Safety on which I served during the Spring and Summer of 2020, and it was embraced by the City and Chief of Police. Our overarching goal was to help improve accountability and trust between the department and our community.

The City will now provide additional technology for every sworn officer in the form of a sensor located in firearm holsters. The body worn camera will automatically begin recording anytime an officer removes the gun from its holster. This sensor will also activate the cameras of any officer within a 25-foot radius. This takes the burden of activating the camera in high-stress situations off the officer and ensures the camera will always be activated when a firearm is drawn. With the addition of this technology, activation of the body worn camera in these important and potentially deadly situations is no longer discretionary.

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