• Cindy Crick

SC Pro Bono Honor Roll

I was honored recently by the S.C. Supreme Court and named to the South Carolina Pro Bono Honor Roll. The South Carolina Rules of Professional Conduct encourages attorneys to provide professional services at no fee or at a reduced fee to persons of limited means or to public service and charitable organizations in need of legal assistance. We are also urged to engage in activities aimed at improving the law, the legal system, and the legal profession.

In 2020, the South Carolina Supreme Court began recognizing the efforts of attorneys who volunteer 50 hours or more of legal service each year. Whether I was representing clients in Spartanburg Homeless Court or assisting victims of sexual assault, I certainly got more out of my pro bono work than the people receiving the services. I encourage everyone to follow your passions and volunteer to help someone in need. It will enhance your life, your practice, and your community.

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