• Cindy Crick

Serving others

I am deeply honored to have been named to the City of Greenville’s first Citizens Advisory Panel on Public Safety. The purpose of the panel is to "improve communication flow between the Greenville Police Department (GPD) and the community, identify and collaborate on public safety issues, develop a dialogue about Greenville, specifically around policing, and recognize the evolving relationship between law enforcement and the community."

I hope I can bring a unique perspective to the panel based on my background as an Assistant Solicitor, Congressional Chief of Staff, and now criminal defense attorney. I look forward to working with the other six members of the panel.

We are tasked with the following which will ultimately be presented to City Council in the months ahead:

· Reviewing current GPD policies, including the use of force policy, body-worn camera policies, K9 policies and training policies, including de-escalation tactics

· Reviewing GPD minority hiring practices and developing recommendations for improvement

· Reviewing the composition, duties and responsibilities of the Public Safety Citizen Review Board

To learn more about the Citizen Advisory Panel on Public Safety visit

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