• Cindy Crick

Serving the Community

I've had the honor to serve on a Citizen Advisory Panel on Public Safety since June. We were tasked with finding ways to improve communication flow between the Greenville Police Department (GPD) and the community, identify and collaborate on public safety issues, develop a dialogue about Greenville, specifically around policing, and recognize the evolving relationship between law enforcement and the community.

Earlier this, week our panel submitted the following to City Council. The report includes dozens of recommendations divided into four action areas: revisions to GPD’s policies on the use of force, service dogs, and body worn cameras; strategies to improve GPD’s efforts to recruit, hire, and retain Black, Latinx, Asian, and female officers; changes to the Public Safety Citizens Review Board’s policies and procedures to increase its effectiveness and raise public awareness of the City’s complaint and appeals process; and general recommendations designed to help transform GPD’s overall workplace culture, support the implementation of policy changes, and facilitate the development of a collaborative, partner-driven public safety system for all Greenville citizens. The report also emphasizes the importance of naming a permanent police chief to build trust with the community and demonstrate the City’s commitment to implementing the recommendations.

View the Complete Report and Recommendations

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