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Passed in 1972, Title IX was enacted to provide equal opportunities for individuals in athletics and schools. Cindy has experience conducting independent Title IX investigations for schools and universities. She has represented both Complainants and Respondents throughout Title IX sexual misconduct and harassment investigations, hearings, and subsequent appeals. In addition to the Title IX student conduct process, she can assist you in dealing with any resulting parallel criminal charges.  Cindy can craft a comprehensive plan designed to protect your rights and help you navigate this complicated process.

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Whether you have been charged with a crime or are just trying to figure out how to navigate the state or federal criminal justice system, Cindy can help guide and advise you throughout the entire process. During her eight years as a prosecutor in the Seventh Circuit Solicitor’s Office, she tried a wide range of criminal cases including domestic violence, burglary, sexual assault/HIV exposure, and murder. She has extensive first-chair trial experience, knowledge of the scientific and technical issues of complex cases, and experience co-prosecuting a capital murder case. The strategies she used on the other side can help prepare you to make the best decisions before, during and after a criminal charge or trial ensues.

Judge and Gavel


Whether you need to protect your business from internal aggressors or outside agencies, Cindy can help identify the issue and respond accordingly. As a former Congressional Chief of Staff, she has experience working with almost every arm of state and federal government. She has helped manage both Congressional and internal investigations. She can discreetly get to the bottom of issues emanating from within your own company, or help you field questions and inquiries coming from an outside government agency. Her thorough investigation can help uncover the truth so you can make informed, legally defensible decisions and anticipate potential issues down the road.

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