A Criminal Law Attorney Focused On And Criminal Defense And Campus-Based Title IX And Student Conduct Cases

Cindy Crick is an experienced attorney offering discreet, compassionate, personalized service to clients across the state.

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An Accomplished South Carolina Criminal Law Attorney
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My Practice Areas

Criminal Law
Sex Offenses
Government And Internal Investigations
Title IX Cases
Student Conduct

Put My Experience To Work For You

When you have legal needs or questions, I am prepared to help. I take great pride in providing a comprehensive approach to addressing personal legal issues. My experience as an assistant solicitor, congressional chief of staff, and private practitioner has given me the opportunity to serve clients in unique ways. I focus on providing guidance and assistance tailored to address the specific challenges faced by my clients. Protecting your rights and your reputation is always my top priority.

My Focus Is On You

I understand for most people their legal problems impact their whole life. If it were me sitting in the client’s chair, I would want to know my case was a top priority for the law firm. For that reason, I am mindful of the number of cases I take on.

My goal is to develop a trusting relationship with each client by devoting all the time and energy necessary to help address their legal issues. My clients know they can come to me any time they need help.

Using Discretion And Taking A Holistic Approach

My job as an attorney is also part problem-solver. Many of my clients come to me because of allegations of sexual harassment or other forms of abuse. My office is a judgment-free zone, and I am highly sensitive to the needs of my clients. The experiences my clients go through affect not just them, but also their families.

In many cases, they may also be facing the loss of employment, relationships, or college careers. It is important to understand all the potential ramifications and address them appropriately while maintaining the strictest confidentiality.