The focus of my practice is on discretion, the needs of my client and the unique circumstances of their legal case.

Counsel For Businesses Undergoing Government And Internal Investigations

Whether you need to protect your business from internal aggressors or outside agencies, Cindy can help identify the issue and respond accordingly. As a former congressional chief of staff, she has experience working with almost every arm of state and federal government. She has helped manage both congressional and internal investigations. She can discreetly get to the bottom of issues emanating from within your own company, or help you field questions and inquiries coming from an outside government agency.

A Neutral Third Party For Internal Investigations

If your organization has an employee who is stealing money or harassing co-workers, you may need an independent third party to investigate the allegations. Cindy is discreet in conducting interviews and maintains a high level of professionalism. She has extensive experience conducting internal investigations involving commercial enterprises, government entities, campus-based student conduct cases and Title IX sexual misconduct cases.

Cindy conducts thorough investigations to help uncover the truth so you can make informed, legally defensible decisions and anticipate potential issues down the road.

Contact Cindy Crick Law, LLC, For Counsel In Government And Internal Investigations

If your organization is undergoing a government investigation or you need a neutral party to conduct an internal investigation, contact Cindy Crick Law, LLC, to set up an initial consultation. Call 864-686-7170 or fill out the online contact form.